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“He was near some pines, it is possible he could have been trying to build some type of a shelter due to the extreme weather that we believe was occurring at the time of his disappearance,” said Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain.  

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans says Garrett’s body was found in woods across the river from Honea Path. Evans says Garrett likely died from hypothermia less than a day after he disappeared.

HONEA PATH, S.C. — Volunteers searching for a missing Laurens County man have found his body near the Saluda River in Greenville County.

The younger Garrett said he and his family would like to thank the local news organizations for sharing the photos and information about his missing father. The younger Garrett said he would also like to thank the dozens of volunteers who met with the family daily to search for the missing man.

Billy Garrett said a six-man search team came across his father Billy Joe Garrett Sr.’s remains while scouring the area behind his home. The younger Garrett said he was on one of the five search teams probing the area when the 82-year-old’s body was found.

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